The Evolution of Human Technology

Technology began with the conversion of natural resources into simple tools. In the early civilizations, humans have used simple tools like hammer, axes and other simple tools by combining some wood and rock. Then, the discovery of metal fueled revolution in the way humans live. Until today, technology is continually evolving, providing us a better way of enjoying life and doing the things that we’ve got to do. There are significant events in the evolution of human technology that can make you wow. We’ll start with the very basic.

Paleolithic Technology

The use of tools of early humans is a process of discovery and of evolution. The use of stone tools has begun long before the emergence of Homo sapiens around 200,000 years ago. The earliest known time of stone tool making dates back to 2.5 million years ago. Wow, that’s really so long.

Then, the discovery and use of fire is defined as the turning point in the technological evolution of humanity. Evidence has it that the domesticated use of fire occurred a million years Before Common Era. It allowed early humans to cook food, thus allowing better digestibility and improving its nutritional value.

It’s also within this period that humanity began to start using clothing and build shelter. As early as 380,000 BC, humans created temporary wood huts and with the help of clothing created from hides and fur of hunted animals, humans expanded into colder regions.

Neolithic Technology

The Neolithic period, aka “The New Stone Age” has fueled a new era for human’s technological evolution. The discovery of agriculture allowed feeding of a larger population. Soon, metal tools began to be discovered and used. The creation and use of furnace and bellows has given us the ability to forge and smelt native metals.

Humans also learned to harness other forms of energy. Wind power is used via sailboat. Early Egyptians used the power of the Nile River to irrigate their lands as well as the early people of Mesopotamia and Sumeria also learned to use Tigris and Euphrates.

It was also in this time when wheels were invented. With its invention, revolution in the field of transportation, war and pottery production started. The use of wheels as a transformer of energy through water wheels, windmills and even treadmills revolutionized the application of nonhuman power sources.

Medieval and Modern Technology

Technological advancement and evolution seems to speed up as times pass by, probably because we use these newfound technological inventions and discoveries to invent and discover newer ones. Medieval technology allowed the use of levers, screw and pulleys also called the simple machines. They were combined to create complex tools like clock, windmills and wheelbarrows.

The evolution of technology continues until it allowed us to communicate with other people even they’re far away. We are able to gather information using only our fingertips. And one of the latest is that we are able to send a machine to land on a comet.