About Us

This is the My Tech Box Online about page. We are glad that you are able to reach this page. We would like to thank you for taking your time in visiting our humble website. The main goal of your favorite tech news website is to bring you the latest information about technology from different parts of the world. Let me introduce myself first before anything else. My name is Giovanni Martini and I’m a tech enthusiast. I love reading technology related pieces online and I love tinkering with “hi-tech stuff” most of the time.

Technology has made our lives better since we started innovating them. It is because of great technological discoveries and inventions that you are able to read this post in front of you, or maybe while going to train to work. That is the wonder of new technologies. In addition, technology has made our life easier, thanks to the internet; we are able to chat with friends and family from a faraway place, we can keep ourselves updated about a certain weather event, we can heal illnesses that are incurable before. There are endless lists of the benefits of technology that made our short life on earth easier.

The main focus of this website is not just about technological gadgets and appliances. We will cover everything from space, cars, human genetics, health, computers, medicine and more. You will be able to appreciate and anticipate upcoming technological breakthroughs and allow yourself to be immersed in a world of fast-paced living.

I hope that you’ll enjoy browsing this website as I enjoyed writing it.


Have a nice day,
Giovanni Martini